Join Us!

We are doing something pretty cool. We are changing the way Salesforce is supported and managed from the bottom up. Great talent is key to that disruption and you can be part of that. We are looking to hire great Salesforce talent at all levels. What you get is a great place to work in Bozeman, cool benefits and working with the damn-smartest people you could ever imagine. Not local? If you are really such an amazing person (humbly of course), then we can support some relocation help.  


What to expect

We are growing, and fast. This means that there are influencing forces that take a normally linear process and flip it up on its head. That said, we are very dedicated to a great candidate experience so here is how we roll:

  1. You apply, we review
  2. If it is a match, we will reach out
  3. Plan for a phone interview or two
  4. Plan for 1-2 in person interviews
  5. If you are a good fit, we will present an offer
  6. You accept and start

All in, it can be 1-2 weeks up to the offer point, and then we work on graceful exits and entries. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower - let's promise to keep lines of communications open so no one is surprised.  

Veterans please apply

We are super excited to support our veterans. Do you have great project management experience? Have you had a great analyst role or kicked some ass in the Helmand Province? We welcome you here with high-fives and more to support your transition to civilian life.


Salesforce Administrator

A big part of the future of Salesforce is declarative, so slinging great config is key, starting with Lightning enablement, to object and user management, and training. For this position, ideally you have 2+ years of experience on Salesforce with increasing responsibilities for the management of the platform. People might have asked you what's in the kool-aid or called you a zealot. You should know when to flow and not to flow, and with or with out a head. You likely have deployed users to Classic and Lightning.

Best part, you have to love to solve things for people natively and are passionate for making clients happy using Salesforce. You? Then I would think about applying.


salesforce developer

Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Components. Words you use to meet your next partner or put your kids (or partner) to sleep at night. We are looking for some great developers who know how to do what you can't do with a configuration. Might be communities, custom components, integration or more. You sort out the corner cases to round out the solution. You also do a great job listening to the business need and know when its not code, even when its easier to code the solution. Knowing how to manage great client expectations are going to be key here. You should have 2+ years of experience writing great code with code coverage north of 90%, at a minimum, as well as roles of increasing responsibilities. You should be able to share some horror stories and how you skillfully walked someone off the cliff and back to a great page layout. You? I think you should apply for this job.  


salesforce architect

The mother of the solution. You know config, dev and lots of other solutions on and off the platform. You can manage a project from idea, to bar napkin, to live with flawless solutions. We better be able to find you with lots of contributions on the Success Community back to API 21. Ideally you have some consulting experience as well. Admittedly, this role is harder to put a box around, but if you think you are one, you should apply.