let's do the math

Lets crunch the quick numbers on why a subscription model works well.

1. Hiring Salesforce people is expensive and highly competitive.

2. Training is expensive and aligning to best practices takes a team.

3. Experience takes working in diverse business and organizations.

With the average admin salary of $95,000 and a developer at $115,000 - geographically agnostic - plus the costs of benefits, which adds 30%, you are in for ~$124,000 and ~$150,000, respectively. Now, say you spend $5,000 per month with Zinovo and you get a top-notch Admin, Dev and Architect on-demand for $60,000 per year and you can scale up as much as you need. On top of that, annual comp for a dedicated resource has been rising $8-12,000 per year. Use us for scalable capacity or to replace a dev or admin at a fraction of the cost.