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Customers at the center of every interaction

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The Challenge

With the ever changing demands of hospitality customers, a hyper focus on the most influential and profitable customers is key.

Surprise and Delight

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Putting customers at the core of a business is always important but in the gaming and hospitality industry, it's imperative that the knowledge of the journey of customers is known. From high rollers and repeat customers to general customer service, context and knowledge are table stakes. Bringing "a-ha" moments, curating experiences at every touch point and managing expectation all while protecting data in one of the highest regulated industry's takes a great deal of vision and expertise.

Zinovo has worked with top Gaming and Hospitality clients to manage these complex requirements to create compelling and unique experiences for both the guest and employees. In addition, our data and integration expertise allows historically-legacy systems to integrate with Salesforce whether it's an Oracle reservation system, monolithic data structure and more, it all comes to life with Zinovo and Salesforce.