Client Journey

Transformative solutions through our proprietary Salesforce Operating Model

Our Approach

With our Salesforce Operating Model, we have taken over 20 years of building and managing enterprises on Salesforce, into a repeatable but adaptive methodology that allows you to focus on your business and while Zinovo focuses on maximizing your value and reducing your total cost of ownership of Salesforce.


We get to know your company, your users, and your Salesforce Org

The power of relationships lies at the core of a successful collaboration. This involves setting aside substantial time to truly understand you, your users, and your organization. Appreciating the unique needs and value propositions of business processes of your Salesforce users forms a significant part of this process.

This knowledge is applied to best serve your users, and to grasp how to effectively work together. The outcome? Tailored Salesforce configurations that align seamlessly with your specific operational needs.


Deep Dive and Well Scoped

Taking a curious and analytical approach to your Salesforce allows for a nuanced, in-depth understanding of your system. Whether your organization leans towards declarative methods, employs coded solutions, or features an extensively custom setup, each opportunity is met with an adaptive approach and grounded determination.

At the outset, time is devoted to fully understand the existing configuration of your Salesforce. This 360 view paves the way for consultative advice on potential enhancements and for addressing user's requests efficiently. The objective is to navigate any complexity with ease, creating a smoother Salesforce experience for everyone.


We compliment your team or we can be your Salesforce team

There's an understanding that Salesforce teams may occasionally need additional resources or specific skills. Collaboration with existing teams is more than possible, and the goal is to fill in the knowledge gaps wherever necessary. And, the services don't stop there.

When the need arises for a fully dedicated Salesforce team, the necessary skills and resources are available. Therefore, you can stay focused on your core business , while your Salesforce operations are seamlessly managed and optimized. This balance aims to ensure hassel-free success across all fronts.

Zinovo has proven to be very valuable to my organization. While my team is busy working on day to day enhancements and support, Zinovo allows us to execute projects in an expedited and efficient manner. Their organizational and technical skills are superb!

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