Zinovo + healthcare

From data to self service, healthcare is under ever heightened demands to bring a retail experience to consumers as well as deeper insights to contain and manage costs.

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The Challenge

Data insights, self service, and virtual care are many of the challenges facing the healthcare industry. Zinovo brings together SME's that know all aspects of the data and care continuum that bring the Salesforce investment to new levels.

Data to delight, only with Zinovo

Learn Our Approach

Salesforce provides a modern and cost-effective way of transforming healthcare operations. With Salesforce, healthcare organizations can streamline processes, reduce operating costs, improve patient experiences, and ensure greater operational efficiency. Our mission critical solutions are designed to meet the needs of any size organization and provide an enterprise-class platform for healthcare organizations to drive transformation and innovation.

Our consultants have expertise with working for nearly every large payor and provider in the US helping them solve their complex challenges on and off the Salesforce Platform.  With our years of experience in healthcare, Salesforce is uniquely positioned to provide the tools and solutions necessary to enable transformation and create long-term success for all stakeholders. Whether it's improving the patient experience, driving down operational costs or creating an agile IT environment, Zinovo is hear to help bring and unlock value at every step of your Salesforce journey.