Migration from ServiceNow to Salesforce Service Cloud

Migrating a support team from the current CRM to Service Cloud, recommending and implementing a Project Management tool, migrating historical data, reviewing processes, evaluating the current community against legacy portal users, and developing necessary functionalities.

The Challenge

This project involved a series of intricate steps that collectively aimed to enhance the support team's efficiency, bring them into the same Service Cloud as the other support teams, and not affect customer satisfaction. The largest lift was the migration of the support team from ServiceNow to an existing implementation of Service Cloud, a transition that required careful planning, process understanding, and well timed execution to ensure a seamless shift of operations.

Our Solution

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The project involved a multifaceted challenge, necessitating a meticulous approach to various tasks. The primary objectives included analyzing the transition process from the current operational state to the desired future state, evaluating the efficacy of existing CRM functionalities versus those of Service Cloud, scrutinizing the process of migrating the Current Customer Care Community in conjunction with the Customer portal used by the Support group. Notably, historical cases served as the cornerstone of "knowledge," which prompted the exploration of a strategy for converting these cases. In contrast to the existing Community's usage, most support inquiries were channeled through the customer portal, supplemented by phone calls and emails. While the incumbent CRM served as a project management tool, there was a clear impetus to explore more suitable alternatives in this domain.Key Focus Areas:

  • Process gap analysis
  • Evaluation of crucial functionalities
  • Comprehensive assessment of data volumes and retention policies
  • Examination of gaps in Community functionality
  • Selection and implementation of an optimal Project Management Tool
  • Ensuring HIPAA Compliance for data security

The solution devised was comprehensive, aiming to address the intricate challenges posed by the project. Extensive discovery sessions with key stakeholders were conducted, and all deltas were thoroughly analyzed. A meticulous migration plan was devised, ensuring a seamless transition for users. A well-thought-out strategy distinguished between the migration of current and historical data, while exhaustive user testing was executed to minimize disruptions and data loss. Additionally, a considerable effort was invested in identifying a project management tool that not only met all criteria but also incorporated custom functionalities to bridge existing gaps. The overall project was executed with relative ease, benefitting both our customer and their clients, who transitioned smoothly to a new portal interface. An indicative measure of success has been the absence of new cases or change requests post the implementation.In conclusion, the multifaceted process of migrating a support team to Service Cloud encompassed several crucial steps: migrating systems, implementing project management tools, transferring historical data, refining processes, evaluating community engagement, and creating essential functionalities. Each step contributed to the overarching goal of optimizing the support team's efficiency, customer interactions, and service quality.

“From initial discussions through delivery, Zinovo met or exceeded all of my expectations. They were extremely collaborative throughout the project to ensure that they were finding the best possible solutions to meet our business needs. In a challenging labor market, they managed turnover of a few key team members professionally and ensured that there was no impact on the project timeline or outcomes. And I can't say enough about the communications, availability and knowledge of our project manager. The overall experience from the Zinovo team was that of a partner and not just another contractor-client relationship.“