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Manufactoring Employees in the factory
The Challenge

For years, manufacturers held a single relationship; with the distributor. Today they need to not only manage that relationship but that of consumers and often parties not even known. Zinovo and Salesforce bring together experience to help shape and manage every aspect of the customer continuum.

Zinovo + Manufacturing

Learn Our Approach

Manufacturers across the world know that staying competitive in an ever-changing industry requires utilizing innovative strategies and technical solutions to address challenges and push their businesses forward. Salesforce is breaking new ground when it comes to providing powerful software solutions tailored specifically for manufacturing sales, service, commerce and operations.

Through its flexible capabilities, agile deployment, and optimized integration options with other enterprise systems, Salesforce offers manufacturers a comprehensive platform that optimizes legacy business processes and putting customers at the core of its business in this ever-changing industry. Zinovo has deep expertise delivering high-value solutions both on the Salesforce platform and off with integrated platforms such as Adobe, Oracle, JDE, SAP and more.