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A leading healthcare GPO and population health management company faced challenges with an outdated data tracking platform and high support costs, leading to low customer satisfaction. They implemented a centralized Salesforce-based solution, including a documentation portal, Salesforce Community, and enhanced case management, to streamline processes and integrate systems. These changes resulted in increased customer satisfaction, reduced support costs, and improved efficiency in data management and case resolution.

The Challenge

The healthcare improvement company struggled with an outdated customer portal and central repository for product knowledge. High operational costs and inefficient support systems led to overwhelmed IT staff and low customer satisfaction. Their legacy customer portals were not user-friendly and limited to certain products, further complicating case management and resolution.

Our Solution

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To address their challenges, we worked together to implemented a comprehensive Salesforce-based solution. This included the development of a centralized modern documentation portal built using Salesforce Knowledge and Community, which provided users with easy access to context-specific information based on their product purchases. We also enhanced Salesforce to enable various business processes, including contracts management and customer service, to streamline data management. A Salesforce Community was implemented, serving as a one-stop-shop for case management and article searches related to each customer's specific product purchase. This approach was complemented by the implementation of single sign-on for ease of access and an expanded product range in the portal for enhanced user experience.

The result of these strategic implementations was a marked increase in customer satisfaction and a decrease in support costs. The efficient management of cases and the integration of various systems into Salesforce led to quicker resolution times, thereby improving overall operational efficiency. By focusing on user-friendly solutions and efficient data management, our customer successfully aligned its operations with its core mission of prioritizing healthcare and healing.