ADVAM Integration to Salesforce

A major US airport commission partnered with Zinovo to integrate ADVAM, a pre-book parking service, with Salesforce, as a first step in creating a central location for all customer data. This custom integration facilitated hourly updates of traveler booking data into Salesforce, enhancing our customer's marketing and customer service capabilities. The project successfully centralized data management, provided a scalable and secure solution, and laid the groundwork for our customer's future data integration strategies.

The Challenge

The airport commission faced the challenge of integrating ADVAM, a pre-book parking service, with Salesforce, despite having no prior experience with Salesforce or expertise in custom third-party integrations. They needed an interim solution for data integration and storage, as their data lake was not yet operational. Additionally, our customer required a system that could handle complex data parsing and storage, ensuring secure and efficient management of traveler booking information.

Our Solution

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To address the integration challenge, the airport commission collaborated with Zinovo. Zinovo's approach involved several critical steps: first, we provisioned Salesforce users and trained our customer's system administrator, ensuring the team was equipped to use the new system effectively. We then established a clear role hierarchy and set permissions within Salesforce, aligning with the organizational structure and data security needs. Most importantly, Zinovo developed a custom integration between ADVAM and Salesforce. This solution enabled the transfer of hourly reports from ADVAM into Salesforce, containing detailed booking information. Each booking was parsed and stored in Salesforce as a Person Account, with related Opportunities for each transaction, ensuring a streamlined and organized data management process.

The collaboration between the airport commission and Zinovo led to the successful integration of ADVAM with Salesforce, effectively overcoming the initial challenges. This integration centralized traveler booking data within Salesforce, significantly enhancing our customer's marketing strategies and customer service capabilities. The solution provided not only a secure and scalable framework for data management but also ensured timely access to crucial booking information. This was instrumental in enabling dynamic and informed decision-making within the airport commission.

The project's success set a strong foundation for future data management and integration strategies. As our customer continues to develop its technological infrastructure, particularly with the upcoming completion of their data lake, the experiences and systems established through this project will be invaluable.