Migration from GovDelivery to Marketing Cloud

A large regional transit authority collaborated with Zinovo and Salesforce to overhaul its outdated customer engagement system, integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud. This transformation streamlined operations by centralizing data management, automating rider alerts, and enabling self-service for customer preferences and support. The result was a significant increase in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and scalability in our customer's constituent engagement efforts.

The Challenge

The regional transit authority faced challenges with its outdated and fragmented systems for rider notifications and customer engagement, relying on inefficient and archaic data sources like GovDelivery and multiple duplicate systems. This setup led to data management inefficiencies, limited customer interaction capabilities, and a high demand for technical resources for system maintenance. Our customer's inability to effectively communicate and engage with its riders through these antiquated systems hindered overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Our Solution

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The transit authority addressed its challenges by implementing a two-phased approach with the help of Zinovo and Salesforce. In the first phase, we migrated data from GovDelivery and other systems to Salesforce, creating a centralized database, and integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud to automate rider alerts and updates. The second phase involved the development of a Salesforce Customer Community, which allowed riders to self-register, manage their contact information, and set rider alert preferences. This phase also included the integration of the existing Service Cloud with the Customer Community, enabling a comprehensive platform for customer support and engagement.

The adoption of Salesforce's integrated solutions revolutionized the regional transit authority's approach to customer engagement. The new system not only streamlined operations by consolidating multiple systems into a unified platform but also significantly reduced the need for extensive technical resources. This transformation led to a more efficient data management process and provided a scalable and flexible solution to adapt to future needs.

The implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud had a profound impact on the authority's customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Customers now enjoyed a seamless and personalized experience with easy access to self-service options and timely rider alerts. For the authority, the move to a centralized and automated system marked a significant step towards modernizing their customer engagement approach, setting a new standard in public transit systems.