Regional Transit Authority Modernized Rider Experience with Service Cloud

A prominent regional transit authority successfully transitioned from a fragmented customer service system, comprising a homegrown solution, ZenDesk, and GovDelivery, to Salesforce Service Cloud, integrated with Genesys Call Center. This migration streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, and improved data insights, overcoming challenges of system fragmentation and limited scalability. The modernized platform now efficiently supports the authority's growing needs and offers a unified view of customer interactions, significantly boosting operational efficiency and service quality.

The Challenge

The regional transit authority faced challenges with its fragmented customer service system, which included a mix of a homegrown solutions, ZenDesk, and Genesys Call Center, leading to disjointed customer experiences and operational inefficiencies. The existing setup lacked a unified view of customer interactions, resulting in inconsistent service and difficulties in tracking and resolving customer issues. Additionally, the system's limited scalability and inadequate reporting capabilities hindered the authority's ability to meet growing demands and efficiently manage expanding services.

Our Solution

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The solution to the regional transit authority's challenges involved a strategic migration to Salesforce Service Cloud, coupled with an integration of Genesys Call Center. This process entailed a comprehensive data migration from the existing disparate systems to a unified Salesforce platform, ensuring data integrity and security. The integration with Genesys Call Center was pivotal in enhancing telephone-based customer interactions. Customization and workflow automation were key components of the solution, tailored to meet the specific needs of the transit authority. This was complemented by extensive staff training and change management initiatives, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system and its efficient utilization.

The implementation of this solution was methodical and phased. It began with thorough preparation and planning, followed by the careful migration of existing data. System integration and rigorous testing were crucial to ensure compatibility and optimal performance of the combined Salesforce, website, and Genesys systems. The final stages involved comprehensive training for the customer service staff and the official launch of the new system. Post-implementation, ongoing support and adjustments were provided to fine-tune the system based on performance feedback.

The transition to Salesforce Service Cloud significantly improved the transit authority's operational efficiency and customer service quality. The unified platform provided a cohesive customer service experience, resolving previous issues of fragmentation and inconsistency. Enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities led to better decision-making and service optimization. The new system's scalability ensured that the growing needs of the authority and its customers were met effectively.