Private Access Creates Bespoke Experiences

Zinovo developed "Private Access," a custom application for a leading global gaming property, to enhance their understanding and service of VIP customers. The solution included a comprehensive "Golden Record" for VIPs, custom layouts for staff interaction, and robust security measures, improving data management and customer experience. This innovation led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue in the client's VIP segment.

The Challenge

In the competitive world of high-end hospitality and gaming, a leading global gaming property recognized the need to elevate its service for top-tier customers. Our customer, renowned for its luxurious amenities and exceptional customer service, faced a significant challenge: they lacked a comprehensive understanding of their VIP gaming and non-gaming customers. Disparate data and the absence of a unified customer record were adversely affecting their revenue and client retention.

Our Solution

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The primary challenge was the absence of a centralized system within their Salesforce organization to store and easily access information about their VIP customers. This gap hindered the ability of business administrators and hosts to offer personalized and efficient services to these high-value customers. Our customer needed a solution that would not only consolidate customer data but also enhance the overall experience of their VIP clientele.

Zinovo embarked on a mission to develop "Private Access," a custom application tailored to meet the unique needs of our customer. The development process involved bi-weekly meetings with our customer's team to discuss requirements, progress, challenges, and solutions. The outcome was a multifaceted application designed to revolutionize how they interacted with their VIP customers.

The core of the solution was the creation of a "Golden Record" for each hand-selected VIP customer. This record served as a comprehensive profile, capturing essential data that could be easily accessed and utilized by staff. To ensure a seamless experience, Zinovo developed custom layouts for "Players" and "Preferences," which were integral to the application. These layouts were designed for two distinct user groups: those directly interacting with VIP customers and business administrators overseeing the broader customer base.

Understanding the sensitivity of VIP customer data, Zinovo implemented robust security measures. This included the creation of new roles, profiles, and sharing settings, along with stringent field-level security protocols. These measures ensured that sensitive information remained confidential and accessible only to authorized personnel.

A standout feature of the Private Access application was a detailed, yet concise report system with advanced filters. This allowed hosts to efficiently view incoming hotel guests at specific properties. The reports included critical information like the number of rooms booked, check-in and check-out times, customer bios, profile photos, and assigned buildings. This level of detail enabled staff to provide a highly personalized and anticipatory service to VIP guests.

The introduction of the Private Access application marked a significant transformation in how our customer managed and interacted with their VIP customers. The unified Golden Record and tailored layouts provided a holistic view of each VIP, enabling staff to deliver bespoke experiences. The enhanced security features ensured customer data integrity and privacy. As a result, our customer saw a notable improvement in customer satisfaction, retention, and overall revenue from their VIP segment setting a new standard in personalized customer service within the luxury hospitality and gaming industry.

Zinovo truly works with us as a partner. We don't "pass things over the fence" but work collaboratively to ensure a smooth project. We each give the other permission to question, and challenge when needed, to create great work.

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