Transforming a Public Sector Customer's Salesforce Platform

Zinovo was engaged by a Boston-based public sector customer overseeing over 50,000 lawyers to support their Salesforce Community and complex integrations, including FinancialForce and payment systems. With no internal Salesforce team, the client relied on Zinovo's task-based subscription model to address a significant backlog, leading to the development and management of a comprehensive roadmap, including a crucial transition to a scalable Lightning Community. This partnership resulted in enhanced platform scalability, streamlined operations, and strategic growth, all achieved cost-effectively without the need for an internal Salesforce development team.

The Challenge

Our Boston-based public sector customer faced a significant challenge in managing their complex Salesforce platform, which was crucial for overseeing over 50,000 lawyers. After a multi-million dollar investment in a custom community implementation, they struggled with managing the system, a growing backlog, and the integration of complex commerce and FinancialForce systems, without the support of an internal SFDC team. Additionally, there was pressure from their board to enhance functionality and manage a large user base effectively.

Our Solution

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The solution to our customer's challenges began with Zinovo's engagement, utilizing our task-based subscription model. This approach allowed for a flexible and efficient response to the customer's needs, starting with the immediate management of the growing backlog and the provision of comprehensive Salesforce support. This was crucial, as our customer lacked an internal team of Salesforce developers. Zinovo's role quickly expanded beyond backlog management, evolving into the development and management of a strategic, deep roadmap for the Salesforce platform. This included a significant transition from a custom developed Community to a more scalable and robust Lightning Community, addressing the core issue of scalability and future growth.

The transition to the Lightning Community platform was a pivotal part of the solution, enabling our customer to efficiently scale their operations to better accommodate their large user base and complex system integrations. This move not only enhanced the platform's functionality but also ensured its adaptability and sustainability in the long term. The strategic roadmap developed by Zinovo also played a critical role, aligning the Salesforce platform with our customer's long-term objectives and preparing it for future challenges and growth opportunities.

The partnership between us led to several key outcomes. Our customer's Salesforce platform became more scalable, functional, and strategically aligned with their operational goals, effectively managing the needs of over 50,000 users. The backlog was significantly reduced, leading to smoother day-to-day operations and increased satisfaction from the Board of Directors, who had been clamoring for enhanced functionality. Importantly, these improvements were achieved cost-effectively, without our customer needing to invest in and manage an internal team of Salesforce developers, demonstrating the value of Zinovo's flexible and strategic approach in managing complex Salesforce environments.