Empowering Community Super Users for Enhanced Customer Support

In the fast-paced world of customer experience, a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short of meeting diverse customer needs. This case study explores how a dynamic solution was developed to empower Community Super Users, enabling them to self-manage users, access knowledge, and provide varied levels of customer support within the Experience Cloud.

The Challenge

The objective was to address the challenge of providing Community (Experience) Customers with the ability to have Super Users who possess advanced access and visibility across other users' cases. These Super Users were to be equipped with the tools to self-manage users, access cases related to their associated Product and Facility, and support users' cases based on specific criteria. The initial challenge stemmed from the rigid structure of the existing system, which restricted user visibility and access to their own cases. The client's customers demanded higher visibility and the capability to support and manage users' cases. The challenge was to design a solution that allowed designated "managers" to view their cases, cases below them, and those assigned to their subordinates.

Our Solution

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To address these challenges, a custom sharing model was devised, integrating Community+ licenses and leveraging Case Teams. This novel approach dynamically shared case records with specific users based on well-defined dynamic criteria. This included sharing based on specific parent and/or child Accounts, as well as Product combinations assigned at the Contact-record level.Three distinct scenarios were developed to cater to different levels of complexity. The first scenario involved a button on the Case that allowed for the manual rebuilding of the Community Super User Case Team Role via a Screen Flow. This proof of concept validated the functionality for the customer. Subsequently, two more scenarios were implemented:

- Rebuild Case Team via Record-Triggered Flow: A solution that automatically rebuilt case teams for individual cases using a record-triggered flow.

- Rebuild Case Teams via Nightly Batch Job: An automated approach that reconstructed case teams for multiple cases through a nightly batch job.

The success of this project hinged on a collaborative effort between the development team and the client's Customer Experience and Admin team. Through discovery sessions, iterative testing, and beta group launches, a solution was crafted that aligned with the client's vision of delivering the optimal user experience. The project served as a prime example of effective teamwork, where the development team took the lead while fostering idea sharing and workshops with the client's teams.

The outcomes were resoundingly positive. Community Super Users were now equipped with the necessary tools to efficiently manage users, access relevant cases, and offer support tailored to specific criteria. The client's customer experience improved significantly, and the solution led to higher customer satisfaction and engagement. The project underscored the importance of flexibility and collaboration in creating innovative solutions that cater to unique customer requirements.

The Community Super User project showcased how a combination of creative problem-solving, collaboration, and innovative technology can transform customer experience. By granting Super Users the ability to self-manage users and access cases with precision, the project not only met the client's objectives but also exemplified the power of adaptability in an ever-evolving landscape.