Global Markets Provider Thrives on Managed Services

Through Zinovo's unique model, we were able to provide our customer with multiple types of resources as needed. We were able to pivot from focusing on net new projects to handling cases seamlessly based on our customer's needs and priority. With a mandate to reduce internal headcount and use strategic managed services partners to support internal systems, Zinovo’s remit was to bring platform best practices, highly variable and skilled team and work closely with both UK and US support and users. Leveraging a highly skilled US-based team, Zinovo brought a framework that allowed the platform to be supported in a rapid and efficient manner. Their backlog was brought from 100’s of open items to less than a few dozen and has brought a 40% cost reduction in platform support spend while increasing quality.‍


reduction in platform support spend

The Challenge

The world's largest financial derivative exchange faced a critical challenge with an overwhelming backlog for its complex Salesforce system, compounded by an overextended internal team and the need for cost-effective, high-quality support. The organization required a strategic partner capable of providing flexible, skilled resources to manage both new projects and ongoing cases efficiently. The key challenge was to streamline operations, reduce the backlog significantly, and achieve a substantial reduction in support costs without compromising the quality of service.

Our Solution

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Zinovo was brought on board to address these challenges. Our approach included:

  • Flexible Resource Model: We provided a range of resources, adept at handling both new projects and ongoing cases, adapting swiftly to our customer's changing needs and priorities.
  • Strategic Managed Services: Aligning with our customer's mandate to reduce internal headcount, we offered strategic managed services to support internal systems.
  • Best Practices Implementation: We introduced platform best practices to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Skilled Team Deployment: Leveraging a highly skilled US-based team, we ensured that the support was both rapid and efficient.
  • Bilateral Support Coordination: Our team worked closely with support staff and users in both the UK and the US to ensure seamless operations.

The collaboration with Zinovo yielded remarkable results for our customer. The once overwhelming backlog of cases was efficiently managed and significantly reduced from hundreds to just a few dozen, demonstrating a marked improvement in operational efficiency. Furthermore, this strategic partnership led to a substantial 40% reduction in platform support costs, achieving the critical goal of cost-effectiveness. Notably, these financial savings were accomplished without sacrificing the quality of service, which, in fact, saw an improvement. This successful outcome highlighted the effectiveness of Zinovo's flexible resource model and its adeptness in implementing best practices in complex IT environments.

Zinovo's intervention played a pivotal role in transforming the way the world's largest financial derivative exchange managed its Salesforce operations. By providing flexible, skilled resources, and implementing best practices, We not only streamlined our customer's operations but also achieved significant cost savings and quality improvements. This case study exemplifies how strategic partnerships and expert resource management can lead to substantial operational efficiencies in complex, large-scale IT environments.